The Argan Plant was discovered by an American botanist H.F. Link In 1882 from the deserts situated near Baja California. The argan plant gained importance after the United States imposed a ban on the hunting of whales, and the oil extracted from the plant turned into an excellent substitute for whale oil that was used widely till afterward. The research concerning the healthcare advantages of Kumkumadi oil continue to be undertaken.The oil in the argan plant are extracted from the bean pod that develops on the plant, which upon heating, result in the secretion of oil. In years past it was used widely by people of the deserts in Mexico and Southern California for treating various skin ailments and bruises. Research in Japan suggested that using Kumkumadi oil isn’t in any way harmful to human beings, and it has many properties that are really very beneficial so far as our health is concerned. The Kumkumadi oil at room temperature and in its first form is essentially a fibrous substance that becomes more liquid as the temperature increases, and it is almost the exact properties and elements as the sebum that is a pure oil secreted by skin.

kumkumadi oil

What is more, it gets easily absorbed from the skin that makes it a popular ingredient in a variety of sorts of skincare and beauty products because of its qualities. If you suffer from sensitive skin, then you should definitely begin using kumkumadi oil for treating various skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.The oil helps to tone the feel of your skin which makes it soft and smooth, and you may actually make your hair grow smooth and glossy with its application. It also really helps in the reduction of wrinkles and several other ageing lines that become more prominent as you grow old. Furthermore, in addition, it enables the regeneration of new cells in your skin and has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that makes it a fantastic solution for all skin issues.

Therefore, it is no surprise it is a highly popular ingredient in a huge selection of skin and hair care products, and lots of manufacturers do include it as a main ingredient in many products. It is used widely in skincare products, acne control products, hair products and in a variety of sorts of cosmetics.If You Prefer, the oil is also available individually and you can use it for Brewing your own moisturizer directly at the comfort of your home without using any intricate compounds. All you have got to do would be to take at least 40 to 50 drops of your favourite fragrant oil like lavender and add it to about 120 ml of Kumkumadi oil and blend it well, and after planning, you should apply it on your skin until it gets consumed. As you can see, the groundwork is quite simple, and this homemade lotion may be utilized in almost all skin types because of its natural properties.