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Physiotherapy helps in rehabilitation, pain management and improving mobility of people after an accident. There are many different branches in it. The below listed are some of them for your understanding.

  • Sports physiotherapy: This is a specialty field that is exclusively for sports professionals. A sports physiotherapist is specially trained to handle cases that arise due to injuries on the field.Athletes get a lot of injuries during training.Treating them and making them fit again is a great task for sports therapists. They handle pain management also.Through different kids of exercises and treatments, they get the athletes back to form and ready for the field.
  • Paediatric therapy: This branch focuses on the needs of toddlers and children up to adolescents. There may be several developmental disorders for which treatment can be given. paediatric physiotherapy singapore can also be given for pain management due to injuries. Several children have difficulties in motor skills, so through therapy their gross and fine motor skills can be improved.
  • Neurological physiotherapy: There are several neuro issues like strokes, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, spinal cord injuries, etc that need treatment by experts. Physiotherapy is very helpful in recovering from neurological disorders. In addition to the medications taken internally, physical therapy is considered very important. Regular therapy can help in developing mobility in patients suffering from such disorders.
  • Pain management: This is also an important branch of physiotherapy. All types of pain and aches like joint pain, back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, ankle sprain, etc are treated by trained physiotherapists.