Fear Itself is like a virus. It reproduces and it moves from person to person. Fear breeds panic. This not only undermines us as humans but also sabotages the mechanisms of society which now more than ever has to be efficient.However if you learn how to lower your fear, this keeps your mind clear, promotes health and helps those around you to stay calm too. It is a win-win situation. Here are my three measures to reducing your anxiety and keeping your calm in times of crisis:

1) Close Your eyes, take a few slow breaths and allow yourself to know any fear or anxiety you are feeling maybe it is a fear of the virus itself, fear of a record you just heard on the news or fear for consequences to yourself or your loved-ones. Picture that fear outside your body out in the world.Now envision a cable running between the source of your anxiety and your chest. Is threaded a colored ball like a beach ball. This is the chunk of your power and in the moment your fear has the power and you are powerless.As you do it, you get back your power and your fear loses its power. You will start to feel calm and your mind will relax.

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2) Now your mind is calmer, it is time. Deep in our subconscious minds are ancestral fears around plague and these older patterns have been tripping within us. Our subconscious minds do not understand that things have changed since then.The Truth is the Coronavirus is not plague as it was known by our ancestors. Our experience and our conditions are. We have many aspects in our favor which make comparisons. Yes, we have got a global challenge but we are resourceful and have brilliant minds capable of finding a solution. As you continue to breathe softly, imagine breathing in these truths and breathing out all those old ancestral understandings which were triggered within you. Envision your subconscious mind being upgraded with century information that is true.

3) Finally, bring in the understanding that the more you maintain your anxieties in check, the lower your body’s stress will be and the better you will have the ability to handle this threat and any other. Taking this action to lower anxiety and your anxiety will keep you safer as Coronavirus live data explains. Hold then open your eyes and that understanding in your head for a few moments and continue with your day.When you do it to pull your energy back from the anxiety, your mind feels clearer and safer, your nervousness and stress decrease and you are in a much better condition to take care of the circumstance.