HIV Testing Kit

Often, our body is suffering from some severe disease, and we might not notice it due to a lack of awareness, or they might show common symptoms. The starting symptom of HIV is loss of appetite, rashes on the body, and stomach ache, and since they occur to a human very commonly, nobody at first thinks they have HIV. If these conditions persist long, a doctor only suggests taking an HIV test. The procedure to get oneself tested has a lengthy procedure. Therefore, hiv test kit singapore allows one to get tested at home.

Why buying tests online is the way out?

Getting infected by a sexually transmitted disease is very easy. One might get infected by using someone else’s razor, blade, needles, etc., which come in direct contact with blood. It might seem that washing off the smear cleans the tip of the instruments, but the virus of HIV persists for an extended period. This is why it is always suggested to use sanitized, fresh needles and blades for any purpose. With our online services, you can buy to get yourself tested conveniently without getting out from the comfort of your home.

The facilities included

  • Visit and sample collection by health professionals across Singapore.
  • Lab certified results.
  • Get your result on your mobile screen within seven days.
  • Get teleconsultation related to post-test services.

Visit our online store to get yourself tested.

Login to our webpage and let us know what test you want. We will get back to you with the test recommendation for your ailment. Our health experts will also book a slot and visit your premises to get the samples. Pay the required amount and get your certified lab results at your home.