In Singapore, there are many dedicated agencies for cleaning services. People always like to have an additional person to help in their work. Those agencies are giving support in this in Singapore. Keeping part time cleaner Singapore possesses a lot of advantages,but the people who are willing to appoint the part time cleaner need to concern abouta few factors that exactly we are going to see here. Before that let us see who can be a part time cleaner in Singapore? A person being a Singapore citizen and should be eligible for permanent resident and also they should have valid work permit can be a part time cleaner.

They may work on a daily or weekly basis with specified working hours. Approximately four to eight hours a week or one to two hours a day they may work and they will charge very less compared to full time cleaner. Fine the one going to appoint a part time cleaner should focus on the schedule is it flexible or not? What are the works they may focus on? Are they experienced or not? Are they hold valid legal documents or not? What are the charges? How trustable they are? Are there any hidden rules from agencies? Etc. with all the answers, they have to appoint a part time cleaner(s). Though they are under a maid category they should not depute for a few jobs as mentioned below. Cooking, gardening, babysitting, cleaning animals waste, caringfor an elder or sick people, etc. are some of them. Keeping Part time cleaners is flexible and cost-effective than the full time cleaners.