food donation drive

As much as we all would like to have funds to contribute to charities that are worthy, it is not possible to write checks. It is possible to donate food free of charge and without a lot of effort when you understand how to use grocery coupons. Then you will love helping others if you are already a supermarket shopper! And on top of that, with the Coupon Mother system that is free, it is going to take a couple of minutes every week, not hours of your time to you. With Coupons, it is not hard to turn $1 or $2 into more or $10 of food and personal care items food pantries and shelters need.

Learn what your charity search for coupons for those products and needs. Use the voucher after the item goes on sale and it will cost only pennies. It will be free! You do not need to drive to the food pantry if is not around the corner. Save your valuable deals. Deliver them when it becomes full. Food pantries need stews and soups, canned beans and tomatoes, canned fruits and vegetables, dried legumes, cereals, oatmeal, peanut butter and lettuce. Coincidentally, these items all have coupons on a regular basis. Food Pantries are not tricky to locate. Your church or place of worship can have a food pantry if they do not; ask them where they take their contributions and if they have a food drive.

Many schools have a food drives. Telephone asks where they contribute their food and yours. Your grocery store donates into a local food donation drive singapore. They could tell you more, In that case.

If you truly need to help your food pantry in a way that is significant, you can get something Began in your area with very little work. Ask the supermarket Manager if their shop would be happy to place a food collection Bin in their shop. Shoppers are more likely if there is to donate food Collection bin in the shop. Enlist friends and take turns to the charity.