Despite a portion of the timekeepers’ names, dementia clocks are not only for the old with cognitive decline.  These extraordinary timekeepers have numerous supportive highlights that people with vision or hearing weaknesses can depend on. They can likewise be enormously valued by the individuals who experience the ill effects of regular ordinary trouble monitoring the day

An item like our general victor, the American Lifetime Day Clock, offers all the important data in a basic bundle that is not difficult to see and comprehend.

  1. American Lifetime Day Clock

About: The American Lifetime Day Clock is a fabulous decision for practically any klok voor ouderen met dementie, and it is quite possibly the most well known old and dementia clocks available


This clock is a strong, simple to peruse clock that shows the:

  • Time of day
  • Day of the week
  • Month and year
  • Time period Before Dawn, Morning, Evening, Night or Night.

There are various simple to-set choices to redo the showcase to every individual’s preferring.

The American Lifetime Day Clock includes an enormous presentation that can without much of a stretch be perused from anyplace in the room. The clock’s advantageous size about similar measurements as an image outline makes it simple to put in an assortment of areas.

The superior quality presentation likewise includes backdrop illumination for simple perceivability, alongside a discretionary evening time dimmer that can be empowered so the client’s rest is undisturbed.

The American Lifetime Day Clock includes a looking over menu intended to make setting its alternatives basic and natural.

Choices include:

  • Standard or Basic Mode
  • Show or conceal time span
  • 12 or 24 hour time modes
  • Automatic evening time dimmer
  • USA or European mode Displays Month/Day/Year or Day/Month/Year

  • Eight dialects: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Polish or Welsh
  • Charming toll choice can be set to On, Off or Daytime Only mode
  • Display lettering and numbering can be set to one or the other yellow or white


The American Lifetime check outline arrives in an assortment of appealing tones to complement the stylistic theme in any home. Pick between white, dark, brushed dark, wood, mahogany, cream marble, dim marble or gold.

The bundling and clock itself makes no notice of dementia, Alzheimer’s or cognitive decline. Since certain seniors feel touchy about battling with cognitive decline, this is an inconspicuous yet viable approach to help them while saving their pride.


The American Lifetime clock bolsters up to five every day alerts. Each alert can show one of these messages reminding the senior to take their prescription:

  • Take your prescription
  • Take your morning prescription
  • Take your evening prescription
  • Take your night prescription
  • Take your night prescription

On the other hand, the alert can work as a standard caution with no message. The alert will keep on sounding until a catch is squeezed, or one moment has passed.