Corporate Wellness Programs have become more and popular among businesses of all sizes for reasons that are numerous. The reason is that insurance prices are at an all time high and show no signs of falling in the not too distant future. While having access Americans are the most obese society in the world. This tendency does not seem to diminish anytime soon because obesity in our children has reached epidemic proportions. So what is the answer? Education is the key and health programs are the mode of teaching the people that is busy. The costs associated with integrating a wellness and health program is minimal compared to the savings in productivity, insurance and employee morale.

The weight loss market is over $30 billion annually. Of 200 million adults, 130 million wish to eliminate weight, and 54 million are on a diet at any given time. Obesity-related diseases cost the health care sector. Consequently major employee rewards like Coors and Merrill Lynch have been implementing corporate health programs in an attempt to lower their healthcare costs. Coors has attained a $6.15 return on every dollar spent on preventative maintenance.  What is a Wellness program? Health promotion or Wellness refers to the approach, endorsed by an organization, that is designed to improve the health of it is most important asset and the business. Corporate Wellness is an action step taken by an employer to raise well-being and the health of its workers.

The very term health indicates an off-beat or holistic approach to wellbeing. That is to say that a health program is nutritional or much more than physical exercise instruction education. Equally important is the health of the mind and soul Even though the health of the body is significant.

Here are some examples of what a wellness program can do for the employees of company.

Stress Reduction

Stress levels are among the major causes of disease, depression lack of imagination and clarity. Stress levels business will increase employee attitude, productivity, while lowering insurance costs.

Improved Morale

A healthy employee is a happy worker. Individuals that are healthy and fit are far more effective and happier and their positive and optimistic attitude will be infectious increasing productivity.

Corporations lose $225 million dollars in lost productivity due to absenteeism each year. Employee leave decreases, by preventing illnesses affected by lifestyle options.