Imagine receiving mail one day. The mail this time, along with the credit card bills, also contains various packages from different brands. And no, they’re not ordered nor paid for. They’re all free! Catalogues, coupon codes, they all work as advertising agents. But perhaps the most well-loved product that people get in the mail, for free, mind you, are promotional mugs in Alsip, IL.

Some of the most popular brands appear to have sent samples of a new product they’re working on. Then some packages contain catalogues and some coupons. There’s also a mug! A mug for tea or coffee? Now that is up to the individual’s personal taste and style.

Why would businesses send stuff for free? Receiving coupons as a loyal customer is one thing, but wouldn’t mugs cost money?

The answers we’re looking for

Perhaps it is the phenomenon of gratitude that marketers make use of when they run campaigns to promote their products or services. As more and more people consume tea and coffee at more and more frequent intervals, the popularity and sale of mugs has only increased. This gives businesses the perfect opportunity to make use of this beverage utensil to promote their business or brand as a whole.

Services near meWhat is the procedure?

When brands work with experts to design a mug that speaks to the vision and mission of a business, magic happens! When done right, mugs can work as the perfect promotional item to kick-start a business, boost sales, and increase website traffic.

It is a fact acknowledged worldwide that hoarding is in the very nature of human beings; we like to collect things, like mugs, specifically as tea and coffee addicts. As a result, consumers are constantly reminded of a brand through their promotional materials. Mugs made in bulk are cost-effective, hassle-free, and simply convenient. A sturdy, premium-quality design speaks of a brand’s honesty and integrity in its dealings and operations. As a stark contrast to simple advertising, promotions do not produce negative feelings. In fact, statistics show that more than half of the people who use promotional products end up actually buying from the business. A thorough understanding and research of the topic before the actual commencement of a promotional program would yield extraordinary results for a business and its growth, every time.