Multi-tasking is what eyeliner does best. One liner can be used for so many looks. Lining is one of the makeup products that emphasizes and elevates the best features of your face. It can give you the look you want on a busy day. It is obvious that eyeliner should be a staple in every purse. This is a Winged Tip. This eyeliner technique is extremely popular. This gives your eyes a defined look and adds a glamorous touch. You can learn how to achieve the winged tip by following many tutorials.


White Liners

A girl should always have white liner. This eyeliner is so trendy that it can bring a lot of glamour to your makeup. To give your eyes a wider look, apply it to the lower part of your eye. You can use this look even if you do not sleep well. It will give your eyes a refreshed look.

Straight as an Arrow

Your eyes will look longer and more natural if you wear your eyeliner straight like an arrow. This look will give you a stunning visual effect in just a few steps. You will first need to draw an outline. Then fill in the spaces. To achieve this stunning look, use a lining pencil to draw towards your inner-side. If you are attending a wedding, this look can be used on evening dresses or pretty sarees.

Smokey Eyes

Smoky eye makeup is very chic. Smoky eyes make your eyes look sultry and grungy. This look is easy to achieve. All you have to do is apply a thick Kohl pencil line and smudge it. You can find many tutorials online. Find the one that is easiest for you.

Glitter Liner

Glitter liners have never gone out of style, but who would say they did? Glitter liners are still very much in fashion, so get your favorite glitter colors. Glitter liner can jazz up your look, making you look like a fashionable lady. It is easy to use. You can apply it the same as normal eyeliner. Remember to avoid flashy jewelry if you are wearing glitter eyeliner.

Colored Liners

You do not have to stick with the same boring black eyeliner forever. There are many colors available that will add a classic touch of elegance to your eye makeup. You can choose any color that you want, including pastels and bold metallic colors.

Cat Eyes

The cat eyeliner look is very trendy and can be worn with regular eyeliner. This look is easy to achieve if you are a regular eyeliner user. Apply the liner casually. Instead of using a black pencil to make the flick, use a metallic shade pencil. You can also use glitter liner if you do not prefer metallic shades.

There are so many styles available to make your eyes pop, making applying makeup easier than ever. There are many great brands on the market that offer different types of eyeliners. Grab your favorite brand today and turn heads with stunning eyes.