Live streaming has advanced toward the web-based media in such a brief timeframe and presently it has nearly inundated it as we see everybody having a sample of live web-based feature in the well known applications. Assuming that you are a Mobile and you are searching for substance to make live recordings this may very well be the ideal locations. It happens a few times that we are anxious to go live and accept that we are basically going to talk with the crowd and live it up yet as you go live and you turn dumbfounded In any case, when you have the right substance the thoughts may very well come drifting around.

Watching Movie

Here are a portion of the substance thoughts for your Mobile channel that you can use for your live feed:


Might it be said that you are a craftsman? On the off chance that you are, going live and telling the watchers the best way to paint can be ruthless season 2. What about completing an artwork on a live video or do a video on their solicitation and paint what they are requesting. This will keep your crowd intrigued as recordings on demand gain high view scores.


Gourmet specialist or not a culinary expert it does not make any difference but rather on the off chance that you love cooking and you have ability for it, you can share you own unmistakable plans and pleasure your crowd. Cooking live will be valuable for watchers as you can clear the entirety of their questions continuously. which is the reason they will pick a live video over a pre-recorded program.


Yoga classes are typically costly and a live video can forever be a decent other option. On a live video the continuous causes it simpler for the watchers to feel like they really have a teacher who is watching them at the present time and you can without much of a stretch response their inquiries.

Music and dance

Dance and music are perhaps the most watched video on the web, it has been the best type of amusement since bygone eras and individuals are generally so willing and anxious to gain proficiency with these abilities.

Style tips

Everybody needs a decent design tip and in the event that you have the right stuff for it why not help your watchers out. You can evaluate various outfits and grandstand the crowd what to combine with what part, how to embellish yourself, and so on


Heading out to some intriguing area or not it does not make any difference; an excursion generally makes a decent substance. Watchers appreciate watching the spots you visit and to catch wind of your audits, it resembles taking on an experience alongside you, hence, it will forever be a substance that will draw in watchers.

For live web based on a Mobile channel ensure that you have a server that would not bomb you and give a decent quality video which will ensure that your crowd endure the whole video and returns for additional.